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SD Control Salmon DNA Rejuvenation Ampoule

SD Control Salmon DNA Rejuvenation Ampoule

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Advanced Serum ampules are beneficial for many skin related treatments. If you want to get maximum results use this serum with derma roller or derma pen which will help the serum to be absorbed more efficiently into your skin.

Salmon DNA serum aids to remove signs of aging.Its antioxidant and anti-aging qualities fight against further skin damage like wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin feels refreshed after using it, and it provide the nutrients to keep your skin healthy and strong. You can use a dermapen or dermaroller to apply it for better effects. These tools will help the serum work better on your skin.Plus, you can mix it with other Advanced Serums and use it to prepare your face for a BB Glow treatment.


  • Sodium DNA-PDRN ( Close to human DNA. Helps to make skin healthy and delays skin aging by activating cells)
  • EGF Complex (rich moisturizer improves skin tone and recovery)
  • Collagen (Firming)
  • Panthenol (Turns into Vitamin B5 when absorbed into skin. Anti-inflammatory properties. Good for skin recovery)
  • Niacinamide ( Improves skin tone. Regulates skin's pH. KFDA approved  brightening ingredient. Good source of B3 vitamin)

How to use

  1. Pull out the cap. It will make a pop sound.
  2. Insert the syringe into the ampoule opening and holding the ampoule upside down, extract the necessary amount of product for the treatment.
  3. Apply the serum on the area you want to treat.

Storage Condition

After using the ampoule, keep the injector inserted in bottle. In case the injector has been polluted, clean it before insert in the bottle. Once opened use within 3 months and store in the fridge or in cold storage area.

Box of contend

  • 35 ml. /1.18fl.oz
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