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Regenovue PN is treatment which helps to remove aging skin and replace its elasticity.The care solution includes polynucleotide and non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, combining to deliver remarkable rejuvenating effects and stimulate cell growth.

The injections boost elastin production and rebuild collagen in the skin's support network. This leads to intensely hydrated, firmer, and tighter skin. Regenovue PN injections offer multiple benefits, making skin healthier, hydrated, more than enough collagen, smoother, and more radiant

  • moisturization and elasticity restoration
  • smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improvement of skin barrier function
  • rejuvenation and improvement of skin tone and texture
  • firming of sagging skin

Main Ingredients:

  • Regenovue PN (Non-cross-linked HA 20mg + PN 5mg Cross)

Box Content:

  • 3ml x 1 syringe/box

 For Topical and Cosmetic Use Only.

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