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HS Control

HS Control

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Hair regrowth serum for thin, damaged, and weak hair - advanced serum ampoules with peptide and biotin. Premium Korean Hair Growth Serum Compatible with Dermapen. This professional hair serum has a powerful formula loaded with nutrients that can help you regain the strength and beauty of your hair.


  • Black Soybean ( Prevents scalp oxidation, supplies rich nutrition to hair root)
  • Acorus Salamus Root ( Improves scalp itching and dandruff, makes healthy scalp through total care)
  • Biotin ( One of the types of vitamin B. Helps the scalp and hair to absorb protein)
  • Copper Tripeptide -1( Reduces DHT and enchaces hair growth, protects cells on scalp and hair root as well )


  1. Pull out the cap making pop sound 
  2. Insert the injector into the bottle opening and hold the bottle upside down until the injector contains enough ampoule
  3. Take out the injector and apply the ampoule over treatment area

Storage Condition

After using the ampoule, keep the injector inserted in bottle. In case the injector has been polluted, clean it before insert in the bottle. Once opened use within 3 months and store in the fridge or in cold storage area.

Box of contend

  • 35 ml. /1.18fl.oz
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