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AC Control ACNE Clear Pure Vita Plus Ampoule

AC Control ACNE Clear Pure Vita Plus Ampoule

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Advanced Serum ampules are beneficial for many skin related treatments. If you want to get maximum results use this serum with derma roller or derma pen which will help the serum to be absorbed more efficiently into your skin.

This product regulates the skin's pH, reduces pores and controls sebum production while it hydrates the skin preventing rashes and breakouts.The experience can be increased with a relaxing massage using a jade roller or cryo ice globes. Alternatively, you may mix the serums with additional treatments like virtual mesotherapy, galvanic, radiofrequency, hydra pen, microchanneling, and ultrasonic skin cleaners.


  • Cyanocobalamin-B12 (water-soluble vitamin B complex, relaxes skin fatigue and vitalizing skin)
  • Salicylic Acid (helps controlling skin troubles by removing sebum stuck in pores)
  • Allantoin (good for skin troubles including acne and scars, anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory)
  • Natural Extracts (natural ingredients - hypoallergenic, 17 kinds of pure extracts)

How to use

  1. Pull out the cap. It will make a pop sound.
  2. Insert the syringe into the ampoule opening and holding the ampoule upside down, extract the necessary amount of product for the treatment.
  3. Apply the serum on the area you want to treat

Storage Condition

After using the ampoule, keep the injector inserted in bottle. In case the injector has been polluted, clean it before insert in the bottle. Once opened use within 3 months and store in the fridge or in cold storage area.

Box of contend

  • 35 ml. /1.18fl.oz
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